Overall case management of the project from the concept to the population of the complex

Our specialists are ready to take on the full scope of work on the project from the formation of the business idea to the sale of the developed real estate:

  • Due diligence of the site, including technical study (legal status, engineering and communication networks, environmental condition, road transport systems, etc.).
  • Project Concept Development
  • Preparation of a comprehensive business plan
  • Development and coordination of the project
  • Performance of the functions of the designer and the technical customer service in the project, as well as the selection of appropriate organizations if necessary
  • Coordination between the customer and design organizations in the preparation of pre-development and construction documentation.
  • Assistance in receiving approvals.
  • Coordination between the customer, the project organization and approving organizations.
  • Assistance in obtaining permits for preparatory and construction work in various approving organizations. Assistance in receiving technical conditions from the suppliers of engineering services (water, gas, heat, electricity). Assistance in negotiating contracts for the supply of services. Coordination during the construction and commissioning of engineering facilities.
  • Support of the project through various inspections and expert examinations.
  • Assistance in selecting the general contractor. Tendering. Consulting during the conclusion of the contract (the Konti Group has its own general contracting organization)
  • Coordination between the customer, the design organization and the contractors during construction. Construction audit. Cost monitoring.
  • Assistance in delivering the project to the working and state commissions. Assistance in organizing the operation of the facility. Preparation of facilities for passing the working and state commissions. Assistance during the conclusion of contracts for the maintenance of engineering systems (the Konti Group has its own operational management entity)
  • Marketing of the constructed real estate (promotion, sales department services).

Contact Information:
121108, Moscow, Gerasim KurinStr., 10, Bld. 1,
phone/fax: (499) 146-49-22, 146-53-76
e-mail: sergeysm@konti.ru