Market Research

  • macroeconomics;
  • reviews for various market segments;
  • study of the market environment of a specific project;
  • study of consumer preferences, etc.

The Marketing and Development Department of the Konti Group enjoys years of successful experience in conducting surveys of various segments of the real estate market: residential, commercial, land market not only in Moscow and its suburbs, but in other regions of Russia.
We conduct regular surveys of the real estate market of the western Moscow suburbs studying consumer preferences of the target groups of their projects. Within the framework of reviewing promising projects we also study other segments of the real estate market.
The main parameters included in most our studies include:
• Supply analysis (study of the volume and structure of supply in the selected market, analysis of the product portfolio and marketing policy of the players, estimated figures)
• Demand analysis (study of the pace of sales of the key players, demand dynamics, the structure of demand, consumer preferences for various parameters of the project, estimated figures)
• Price situation in the studied market (cross-section as of the date of the survey, dynamics), price segmentation of the market.
• Analysis of problems and prospects of the selected segment of the market on the basis of the conducted study.
Despite the general acceptance and generalized representation of the indicators, each of our studies is not a study of the real estate market in general, only distantly related to the project, for which it is intended. When conducting a study, we try to focus on the specific project and its local environment aiming to make the study as personalized and useful to the customer as possible.

Analytical reports

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