Best use analysis

Within the framework of best use analysis of land, our experts analyze and present the final document covering the following issues:

  • Analysis of the site and surrounding area (image of the area, its perception, the real estate market of the area (overview of all segments), positive and negative characteristics of the area, development prospects.
  • Preparation of proposals (hypotheses) on the possible uses of the site.
  • Analysis of the competitive situation for each of the options (current situation, prospects), analysis of the existing facilities in terms of their success (rated if possible).
  • Selection of the most suitable options after a detailed market analysis.
  • Modeling the selected site development options – preparation of an express calculation of each option.
  • Conclusion about the most promising commercial use of the site.

Before starting work of a specific site, the customer should provide the initial set of documents:

  • Information on the title documents: cadastral certificate, title certificate, sales or lease contract, other documents on the legitimacy of land usage
  • Information on encumbrances and obligations to third parties
  • Registry of work performed, including dates, amounts and references to supporting documents

As additional information, the experts may request the following documents:

  • Preliminary information about external networks – the scope of work, deadlines, costs – with a permissible error at this stage
  • Urban development plan of the area
  • Draft design with technical and economic parameters (if available)

If the absence of additional information is critical to the analysis, it can be 'generated' by other specialized divisions of the Konti Group.


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