Professional operational management of residential buildings

Professional operational management of residential buildings allows both the owner and the resident to maintain the property in good condition avoiding excessive physical deterioration. Development of the construction industry has led to an increase in the quantity and complexity of operational procedures and maintenance of properties. The Konti Group offers its customers an extensive range of services in the operation, maintenance and servicing of residential buildings. In this case, the current operating costs of the upkeep and maintenance of any buildings pay off handsomely in the future.

The main objectives of the operational management of buildings:

  • safeguarding the property;
  • providing the most comfortable living conditions for residents;
  • increasing the useful life of buildings and structures, the extension of the turnaround periods;
  • reducing operating costs through the use of high quality materials and professional training of the service staff;
  • maintaining order and improving the grounds.


About Continental Service:

Limited Liability Company 'Continental Service', a member of the Konti Group, has been in the residential operational management market for six years. The range of building management services (Class A, B, C) includes everything that is required to ensure the comfortable residence of homeowners, regardless of house ownership.

Facilities managed by LLC Continental Service:

  • HOA Pokrovskiy Bereg, Moscow
  • HOA Pokrovskoye-Glebovo, Moscow
  • Office buildings at Gerasima Kurin Str., Moscow
  • Gas boiler-house at: Beregovaya Str., 4, Bld. 1
  • Parking complexes in Moscow
  • Moscow municipal facilities
  • HOA 'Rublevskoye Shosse, 11', Moscow
  • PDC 'Gorki-8', Moscow
  • Municipal housing in the Northeastern microdistrict of the city of Tula.

The total area of ​​the managed buildings and premises is more than 500 thousand sq.m.

The company has additional resources as it is a division of the Konti Group, a diversified investment and construction company engaged in a number of major investment projects, and is authorized to use the technical facilities and the staff of the General Contractor and contractors that are members of the Konti Group.

LLC 'Continental Service' offers the following services:

  • Maintenance of residential heating systems;
  • Maintenance of hot and cold water supply systems;
  • Maintenance of drainage systems (internal and external drains);
  • Maintenance of sewerage systems;
  • Maintenance of power supply systems;
  • Maintenance of ventilation systems;
  • Current repairs of residential buildings, garages, technical facilities, etc.;
  • Cleaning the grounds;
  • Cleaning porches, stairwells, elevators, common areas, etc.;
  • Public services;
  • Car wash;
  • Routine inspections (surveys) of the housing stock, engineering equipment, adjacent territories;
  • Adjustment of engineering equipment in the managed buildings;
  • Emergency works in residential buildings;
  • Preparation of residential buildings for seasonal operation;
  • Performance of scheduled preventive (maintenance) repairs;
  • Landscaping and decorative design of the grounds (planting and cultivating flowers and ornamental plants);
  • Maintenance of residential air conditioning systems;
  • Maintenance of elevators and organization and an emergency service;
  • Construction works in the scope of current repairs (licensed activities).

Maintenance includes:

  • daily monitoring of the technical status
  • maintaining proper working order
  • adjustment and tuning
  • preparation for the seasonal operation of the facility as a whole, its elements and systems
  • preventive repairs of the engineering infrastructure, constructs and the interior
  • maintenance of fire safety, security and monitoring systems, etc.

Maintenance also implies:

  • Monitoring the technical status and subsistence of the property carried out through systematic planning and routine daily, monthly, semi-annual and unscheduled inspections and surveys. The results of the technical inspections and surveys are reflected in reports.
  • Maintenance work
  • Complex of daily operations to maintain the soundness of the property structures, the interior trim elements and the prescribed operating parameters of the engineering infrastructure
  • Preventive repairs and routine maintenance
  • Complex of regular operations to maintain the soundness of the property structures, the interior trim elements and the engineering infrastructure. The work package is seasonal.
  • Current repairs
  • Repairs to restore elements of the structure and interior decoration, as well as engineering systems.


  • Cost containment
  • Efficient use of resources
  • Increased service life of the buildings and engineering infrastructure
  • Longer operation of the facility before refurbishment
  • Accident prevention.


Operating Principles 



The company's operations are transparent to the customer. We speak openly about the necessary costs to customers to receive the best results in the operational management of the building. The company's specialists help customers determine their requirements, develop a plan for building maintenance.


LLC Continental Service has great internal resources – in terms of both facilities and personnel. This helps resolve any unforeseen circumstances arising during operations. The company is equipped with the latest technologies, works with state-of-art equipment, and cooperates world renowned manufacturers.


Our staff's qualifications ensure timely and quality performance of property maintenance tasks. We pay particular attention to recruitment. All our employees have specialized education and work experience. LLC Continental Service conducts careful screening of work candidates. The probationary period is 3 months, which helps ensure that each employee is able to responsibly and competently perform his/her work. Annual evaluation of each employee allows the company to use the latest developments in the field of real estate management and always keep up with the times.


Our company's activities are aimed at predicting breakdowns and timely repair of worn systems in the buildings. When accepting an order for the operational management of a building, our experts conduct a thorough inspection of all the systems. The results of survey allow judging about the imminent deterioration of equipment, required renovation or insufficient quality of specific machinery. The company suggests taking preventive measure to avoid possible accidents. Procurement of consumables is mandatory, which allows performing emergency repairs to eliminate any failures.

Professional management combined with the latest technologies and highly skilled employees provide our customers with a reliable guarantee of minimizing costs, safeguarding property at the entrusted facilities, and increasing the market value of the property.



121108 Moscow, Gerasim Kurin Str., 10, Bld. 1 phone/fax: (499) 146-49-68
121267, Moscow, Beregovaya Str., 8, Bld. 2, phone/fax: (495)500-02-13, 961-69-78