Edelweiss Residential Complex

Multifunctional high-rise residential complex 'Edelweiss'. The start-up property of the governmental program 'New Moscow Ring' – a 43-story building with offices and underground parking. Located in the Western Administrative District of Moscow. Kutuzov Avenue, Victory Park, and Poklonnaya Hill are all located hearby. The apartments offer beautiful views of the majestic Poklonnaya Hill memorial, St.George Church, the bottom-land of the Moskva River.

Deluxe country cottage community Gorki-8

Country cottage community 'Gorki-8' is situated thirty kilometers from the Kremlin, fifteen kilometers from the Moscow Beltway in a prestigious, picturesque and ecologically safe location in Moskovskaya Region, on an area of ​​5 hectares.

Pokrovsky-Glebovo Residential Complex

The concept of the Pokrovskoye-Glebovo Residential Complex is based on creating comfortable, secluded, secure housing in a clean place with all conditions for recreation and a healthy lifestyle for people from higher social classes

Olimpiyskiy Residential Complex

The construction program in Kaliningradskaya Region requires the use of non-standard architectural designs in the resort area of the region. Architectural solutions are devised in the framework of the development of the whole Maritime Functional Recreational Zone of the region

Residential building in the city of Kaluga in Zhukov Street

An apartment house with underground parking in the city center, near a kindergarten, school, and medical clinic.

Custom designed house on Rublevskoye highway

The custom design brick house on a concrete frame consists of three sections: 16-22 floors, 153 apartments.

Office of the Konti Group

Reconstruction of office of the Konti Corporation in Fili-Davydkovo.

Реконструкция дома нач. XX века на улице Новый Арбат

В 1996 году Компания «Конти» реконструировала здание доходного дома, выстроенного в редком для Москвы стиле «северный модерн», расположенного в центре города, на одной из главных московских улиц - Новом Арбате.

Жилые дома на улице Герасима Курина, район Фили-Давыдково, г. Москва

Дома построены по программе правительства Москвы «Реконструкция пятиэтажного и ветхого жилого фонда».