Edelweiss Residential Complex

Multifunctional high-rise residential complex 'Edelweiss'. The start-up property of the governmental program 'New Moscow Ring' – a 43-story building with offices and underground parking. Located in the Western Administrative District of Moscow. Kutuzov Avenue, Victory Park, and Poklonnaya Hill are all located hearby. The apartments offer beautiful views of the majestic Poklonnaya Hill memorial, St.George Church, the bottom-land of the Moskva River.

The building with a total floor area of 105,000 sq.m. is built on a territory of ​​2 hectares. It contains 337 apartments (utility, one-, two-, and three bedroom). Offices space – 2,000 sq.m., spaces for social amenities – 800 sq.m. Technical areas including parking – 15,000 sq.m.

The complex provides a rich infrastructure: water park, bar, restaurant, supermarket, beauty salon, fitness center, etc.

Customer-Investor of the construction is JSC Konti Corporation.