Stop on request?

23.10.2012 read more
During the 'golden age' in the development of the real estate market of the capital, many real estate experts indicated some areas where new development would necessarily increase their prestige.

Moscow is imposing height restrictions on high-rise construction

11.04.2012 read more
Modern Moscow is developing so rapidly that its image is changing before our very eyes. But not always for the better. The skyline of the new high-rise buildings is distorting the familiar silhouette of the city rising over the historic buildings. Under public pressure, Moscow authorities periodically introduce preservation measures that do not allow the capital to lose the remnants of its authenticity. One of these measures is a restriction on the height of buildings.

Politics at rest

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March was marked not only by the arrival of spring – it was a special month in the country's political life. In one way or another, the Russian presidential elections influenced the real estate market. It seemed that all the participants took a break waiting for the outcome. The most 'sensitive' players were the buyers!...

"Столичное" - отличное?

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Найдут ли застройщики общий язык с градостроителями, которые формируют концепцию освоения новых земель, и столичными властями, которые стали хозяевами будущих "городских" районов?