Office spaces for lease

16.04.2014 read more
The Konti Group is offering office spaces at ul. Gerasim Kurin, 10, Bld.2.

Luxury penthouse in the Continental Residential Complex for sale

02.04.2014 read more
For sale – one of the best apartments of the capital for sale: Penthouse in the Continental Residential Complex

Industrial complex for lease

20.03.2014 read more
Total land area: 5.1 hectares. The plot is enclosed by a concrete fence. There is direct access to the federal highway in the direction of Moscow and other related directions

Parking spaces in the Pokrovskoye Glebovo and Pokrovsky Bereg Complexes for sale

11.02.2014 read more
Underground parking spaces at the deluxe residential complexes 'Pokrovskoye Glebovo' and 'Pokrovsky Bereg'.

Lanehouse in the Ilyinka Community for sale

06.12.2013 read more
Spacious Munich lanehouse with a floor area of 369 sq.m. and adjacent plot of 4,200 sq.m.

Apartment in Lipetskskaya Street for sale

03.12.2013 read more
Budget one-bedroom apartment in Lipetskaya Street, Biryulevo District, Moscow.

Apartment in the Pokrovskoye Glebovo residential complex for rent

20.11.2013 read more
Apartment in the deluxe residential complex 'Pokrovskoyt Glebovo' located on the banks of the Khimki Reservoir, a 10-minute drive from downtown Moscow

Non-residential spaces in Pokrovskoye-Glebovo for sale

25.07.2013 read more
We offer non-residential spaces in the Pokrovskoye-Glebovo complex.

The last apartment in the residential complex Pokrovsky Bereg for sale

28.06.2013 read more
The last apartment in the residential complex 'Pokrovsky Bereg' is offered for sale by the developer, the Konti Group.

Report on the commercial real estate market

23.05.2013 read more
The Marketing and Development Department at the Konti Group publishes regular reports on the main indexes of commercial real estate in Moscow.