Industrial complex for lease


Total land area: 5.1 hectares. The plot is enclosed by a concrete fence. There is direct access to the federal highway in the direction of Moscow and other related directions

Production site:

- warehouse for finished products – outdoor area with a 7 ton tower crane;
- platform for motor vehicles;
- garage building with a floor area of 151 sq.m.;
- platform for technological transport;
- railway spur track;
- reserve area with a warehouse.

Production building: building with 24x156 m, 18x156 m, 18x80, 8x72 m, 12x78 m, and 9x60 m aisles made of reinforced concrete structures with a span height from 8.4 m to 16.2 m

The production aisles are equipped with two overhead cranes with a lifting capacity of 20/5 tons and 5 tons and two beam cranes with a lifting capacity of 2 tons.

The building houses brick manufacturing, vibropressing and a joinery. The spaces are currently in conservation.

Administrative building: floor area of ​​22,721.9 sq.m., 4 floors


  • Power supply: proprietary substation 6/0, 4 kW
  • Heating: independent gas boiler house 4x1350 kW. Gas limit 9,636,000 n.m3
  • Water supply: underground pipeline diameter 100 mm, length 600 m, connected to the city network. Autonomous purification plant.
  • Utilities: water, electricity, gas heating


For more information about the property please download the booklet

Contact Information:
Sales Dept.: Phone/fax: (495) 933-35-35, (495) 942-03-98