Ilyinka Lanehouse Community

A lanehouse is a new kind of premium suburban real estate that combines all the advantages of a country house with the comfort of a city apartment. This is a new sector of the real estate market occupying a special place between cottages and townhouses. Lanehouses are groups of semi-detached two- or three-story houses with facades and interior layout of different architectural styles. 

Ilyinka is the first Russian lanehouse community located in an 'alley' between the two main streets of the West Moscow suburbs – Rublevka and New Riga – on the quiet Ilyinskoye highway, 11 km away from the Moscow Beltway near the village of Ilinskoye.

The architectural concept of the community involves creating an atmosphere of a European town by a harmonious combination of different architectural styles. Groups of lanehouses are arranged in a special way relative to each other, forming small cozy blocks criss-crossed by a network of winding streets and secluded lanes. The central square houses the administrative building, which is the high-rise dominant and social center of the community. The architecture of the administrative building is designed in a style similar to the architectural ensemble of the community.

The community is designed in compliance with the latest construction standards for deluxe suburban housing. Floor area of the homes: from 345 to 475 sq.m. Price – starting at 81,000 rubles per sq.m.

A description of the design and layout of the houses is available in the brochure about the lanehouse community of Ilyinka

Interior design of the lanehouses

Special Mortgage Program from the ZENIT Bank

Website of the community:

Phone number of the sales department of the Ilyinka community (495) 729-68-88