Deluxe residential complex Pokrovsky Bereg

Pokrovsky Bereg is the second phase of construction of the residential complex Pokrovskoye-Glebovo. It is located in the North-Western Administrative District of Moscow, in the territory of the Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo park on the banks of the Khimki Reservoir and the Himka river.

The complex consists of five multiple-story buildings (5-6 floors) and several townhouses.

Land area – 6.32 hectares

Total floor space of the buildings:

  • residential buildings – 40,807 sq.m.
  • including cottages (townhouses) – 7,147 sq.m.

All the apartments of the Pokrovsky Bereg complex face two or three directions. Wide balconies and loggias link the complex with the surrounding beautiful natural landscape. The facades are of harmonious colors with illumination, decorated with columns and moldings. The center of the ensemble is a square with pools and fountains, wide staircases descending to the embankment of the Himka river. The unique character of the place is emphasized by the famous spring 'Swan' with crystal clear drinking water.

The penthouses are a separate exclusive part of the Pokrovsky Bereg complex; each of them is a fashionable residential area on ​​the upper level of the building, its distinctive crown. The penthouses of the complex have three layout options with a total floor space from ​​307 to 414 sq.m. Each of them is located on three levels (5th, 6th and 7th floors of the residential building). The spacious apartments feature high ceilings from 3.5 to 4 meters or more and direct sunlight throughout the day. The free layout principle allows implementing all the ideas, traditions, habits and wishes of the future owners regarding zoning and space configuration. The recreational areas can accommodate a fireplace room, a gym, a home theater, a garden room, a sauna, a pool room, or a library. The owners of the luxury apartments enjoy the privilege of spacious terraces located on the roof of the second level (6th floor of the building) with an area of ​​100 sq.m. Their design provides for setting an open air private garden: arranging flower beds, lawns, planting larger plants, placing barbecue hearths. The third level of these aristocratic apartments is a classic gazebo rotunda. They offer stunning views: the forest, the surface of the reservoir, the panorama of the capital, and, of course, the endless sky, exciting and calming in any season and hour.
In addition to exclusive comfort, the residents of Pokrovsky Bereg penthouses are provided with the highest standards of personal safety. The 24-hour security of the complex in general is amplified by the dominant position of the penthouses, which cannot be accessed from the lower floors. In addition, the spaces and engineering support of the Pokrovsky Bereg penthouses allow allocating isolated rooms for authorized staff – security, assistants, and secretaries.

Apartments ranging from 86 to 410 sq.m. and townhouses ranging from 360 sq.m. up to 500 sq.m. are offered for sale.

The complex infrastructure 

The complex has the entire necessary infrastructure:

shops, restaurants, child-care facilities, a fitness center, a business center, tennis courts, a yacht-club and boating station, a beach on the bank of the reservoir. The underground part of the complex houses a two-level parking area with a car wash and service station.

Decorative landscaping is conducted on a regular basis. Not only was the natural landscape preserved in the complex, but it has a park and garden ensemble with fountains and sculptures.

The Pokrovsky Bereg Beach  

The beach is located in the residential complex Pokrovskoye-Glebovo. It offers:

  • Courses for golf and mini-golf
  • A restaurant
  • A Club House
  • A Café
  • Barbecue grill rotundas
  • A tennis court
  • A children's playground
  • Water activities: parasailing, jet skis, water skis and bicycles, rowing boats, surfing and much more.

The first phase of construction (the Pokrovskoye-Glebovo estate) is completed.

The residential complex Pokrovsky Bereg was commissioned in 2008

Mortgage from Zenit Bank (JSC)



Sales Department phone (495) 933-35-35