Fili-Davydkovo, Block 69

Block 69 is located in Fili-Davydkovo – a district of Moscow, which is about 50 years old. The area has long been built up, habitable and has a well-developed infrastructure. Kindergartens, schools, secondary and higher educational institutions, medical facilities, numerous trade and recreational facilities are within walking distance. The district has excellent transport accessibility: it is close to one of the main thoroughfares of the capital – Kutuzov Avenue. Filevsky Park, Pionerskaya, and Kuntsevskaya metro stations are located nearby. The nearest station – Slavyanskiy Bulvar – is just a 2 minute walk away. The environmental situation is quite safe: the Fili-Davydkovo district includes a specially protected natural area – the floodplain of the Setun river and a closed park area 'Volynskiy Forest', where the so-called 'near-dacha' of I.Stalin is located. The vast Filevskiy Park is only a 10-minute walk away.

Block 69 was built under the program of comprehensive reconstruction of the Fili-Davydkovo housing stock, one of the organizers and active participants of which is the Konti Group.

Apartments in Building 2 are currently offered for sale – a house of the standard I-155n design developed in 2006 on the order and with direct participation of the Capital Projects Department of SU-155, in conjunction with leading design organizations GIPRONII RAS, MNIITEP and Mosproject.

Specifications of the project:

The main elements of 155n series houses are exterior triple-layer load-bearing panels with an increased pitch of 7.2 m and internal load-bearing walls. Houses of this series use non-roll roofing. The thermo-technical and architectural characteristics of houses in this series meet the latest requirements.

  • The thickness of the exterior facade walls is 320-400 mm, end walls – 440-540 mm. The outer layers of the exterior walls are made of reinforced concrete, the inner layer – of Rockwool mineral insulation. The internal walls between apartments are load-bearing, made of 200 mm reinforced concrete. Due to thicker walls, I-155n houses are currently the only standard design that not only meets the regulatory requirements for sound insulation, but has a margin of about three decibels.
  • The apartments have free layout with no interior walls. One and two bedroom apartments allow the installation of two bathrooms. Depending on the design, some apartments have bay windows. The design provides for the possibility of combining apartments into blocks.
  • The houses are equipped with an advanced heating system with thermostats in each apartment. Ventilation shafts are arranged outside the apartment area.
  • The safety system includes a modern smoke exhaust system and automatic fire detection systems. In case of evacuation, there are transitional balconies
  • The design of the entrance lobbies provides comfortable access to the building for people with reduced mobility.
  • Each stairwell is equipped with three elevators

Completion deadline of the house: Q2 2014.

Apartment area:

- utility apartments: 52 sq.m., price: starting at 143,000 rubles per sq.m.
- one bedroom apartments: 74 sq.m., price: starting at 140,000 rubles per sq.m.
- two bedroom apartments: 96 sq.m., price: starting at 135,000 rubles per sq.m.

Floor plans


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