JSC 'Keramika'

The production of building materials is one of the most promising areas of the Konti Group's industrial development project. Under this project, in 2007 one of the largest industrial enterprises in Tulskaya Region, JSC 'Keramika' with its own raw material base and production lines for different types of bricks, was included in the holding company.

The brickworks in the village of Lomintsevskiy, Shchekinskiy District, Tulskaya Region, were launched in 1994. The raw material for the production of bricks is loam from the Lomintsevskiy deposit. Explored clay reserves will provide brick production for 50 years. The products of Lomintsevskiy brickworks – perforated and solid ceramic bricks – have high performance characteristics: excellent frost resistance, increased strength, low water absorption, environmental friendliness. Bricks are produced following the traditional technique, which includes stock-piling clay, preparing the clay mixture, forming and cutting the received clay beams, drying and baking, and packaging.

In 2010, certain upgrades were made at the JSC 'Keramika' brickworks, which resulted in the transition of all the production facilities to manufacture 1 NF full-bodied ordinary bricks in the annual amount of 28 million conventional bricks. Shipments to Moscow account for 90% of the total output with full coverage of the demand for bricks in Tula. In the future, with the development of the construction complex in the regional center, shipments to Tula will increase.

A set of organizational & technical measures aimed at upgrading the equipment and modernizing the enterprise have been developed for JSC 'Keramika'. After completion of upgrades, the maximum output capacity will reach 40 million conventional bricks per year or 3.3 million conventional bricks per month.