Development projects in the Republic of Abkhazia

Several years ago, in 2007, the Konti Group launched large-scale investment projects in the Republic of Abkhazia. It acquired a number of major tourist facilities with the intention of not only restoring their unique appearance, but also improving them in accordance with modern requirements to hotels of the highest level.

It is common knowledge that the recreational potential of Abkhazia is great and truly unique. But it is also known that unfortunately for obvious reasons this wonderful country has long remained outside the field of investor attention. However, in recent years the political and economic situation in the republic has obviously changed for the better. The recognition of the republic's independence gave a powerful impetus to the rapid development of the region and has made it possible to implement investment projects with long-term perspective. In anticipation of the next Olympic Games in Sochi, large-scale programs were launched in Abkhazia to restore the recreational and transport infrastructure. As an illustration of the rapidly growing investment attractiveness of Abkhazia, we can mention the fact that property prices in the country over the past 2 years have grown by 2-2.5 times.

The Konti Group is offering participation in the reconstruction and construction of some of the most important tourist sites, which were previously considered the landmarks of Abkhazia:


Abkhazia Hotel Complex, Sukhum

The Abkhazia Hotel was built in 1936 by architect Yury Shchuko, son of the famous architect A.V. Shchuko – the ideologist of Stalinist architecture. The hotel complex consists of several different buildings, including the pool building, a coffee shop, and the Kara-Hassan bakery. The hotel was considered one of the best in the USSR. In the 1980s, Abkhazia housed the headquarters of the Abkhazian branch of the Intourist Company.

• The total area of the existing buildings to be reconstructed is 7,980 sq.m., including the 159 rooms of the hotel building.
• The area of land occupied by a hotel complex is 1.41 hectares.
• The reconstruction project provides that the total floor space of the complex after the completion of work will be more than 29,000 sq.m., the hotel will have 498 rooms

Business Center "Oriental', Sukhum

In 1908, a two-story building in the Gothic Revival style was built in one of the most picturesque places of the city, on the corner of St. Michael's Waterfront and Kolubyakinskaya Street (now the Muhajirs Waterfront and the Leon Avenue). The construction was ordered by members of two prominent Greek families in Sukhum – S.I.Charaidi and A.D.Marieti. The second floor of the building housed the luxurious hotel 'Oriental'. The first floor housed a first-class restaurant, an extensive drapery shop, a tobacco shop, Pobeda printers, the studio of the famous Sukhum photographer I.P. Evkarpidi, and the first motion picture theater in Sukhum 'Renaissance'.

• The total floor area of the 2-story building, excluding the attic, is 3,262 sq.m.
• 26 hotel rooms can be arranged on the 2nd floor.
• The perfect location and specific planning solutions allow transforming the former hotel into a modern business center also using spaces on the 3rd attic floor thus increasing the usable area of the building.
• The almost complete absence of modern commercial real estate in the city, including office spaces, will ensure a high level of demand for the project.



Abkhazia Hotel, Gagra

The hotel was built in the early 1980s. Located just a few steps from the sea and the promenade, well-equipped and surrounded by numerous restaurants and cafes, among them the famous 'Karavella', the hotel quickly became popular among vacationers. The hotel rooms offer great views of New Gagra, the Mountains and Cape Picunda.

  • The total floor space after the reconstruction will be 16,032 sq.m.
  • The project involves arranging 234 rooms with a floor area of 15-30 sq.m.
  • The areas adjacent to the hotel building with a total area of ​​2.2 hectares can house additional recreational facilities.
  • The reconstruction project involves the development of a comfortable 3-star hotel complex.

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